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I started blogging because my love of literature surpasses everything else in my life. Unfortunately, I can’t stay at home with soft blankets, hot chocolate, and read all day (still considering it though), but I can share my love of the written word with you. I finish books rather quickly and have a surplus of thoughts about each one, but not enough people that appreciate literature enough, to share it with, I want Raining Paperbacks to be a ‘place’ where readers can talk about book – no matter what their opinions might be. I’ll be learning and adapting from this experience and these post just as much as you hopefully will. Additionally, I want to support all types of authors. I’m used to reading reviews on well establish books in the publishing world. Therefore, giving smaller authors a platform a platform is important to me as well. I hope you enjoy Raining Paperbacks as much as I enjoy writing it. Thank you for your time.

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